Advisory Board/Sandra Copman

Sandra Copman

Sandra Copman

Dr. Copman is an entrepreneurial, mission-driven development professional from the nonprofit and education sectors. She is an educator, an advisor, a board member, a program creator, a consultant, a disability advocate and an artist.

She has substantive experience spanning 25 years designing and implementing comprehensive development programs that foster and deliver sustainable philanthropic outcomes from a group of diverse stakeholders.

Using her creative problem solving and natural ability to build coalitions, Dr. Copman has developed an extensive portfolio of initiatives in the secondary and higher education and workforce development sectors that meet the needs of diverse urban students. During the 1980s, while at Action for Community Development (ABCD), Sandra developed a pilot program called STRIVE, funded by a US Department of Education grant, which was adopted by and exists today at the Boston Public Schools (BPS) for students with disabilities in transition from high school to work, college and other outcomes. Sandra has also developed many comprehensive partnerships in the STEM and allied health care fields and initiatives including abuse and violence prevention programs, dropout prevention models, school-to- career curricular, character education, and civic engagement programs. She secured funding for these initiatives from a diverse donor base including Federal Departments of Education and Labor, private sources and individual gifts, and national foundations and corporations such as the Robert Wood Johnson, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Lumina Foundations.

After leaving the BPS in 2008, Dr. Copman became the Dean of Academics at Urban College of Boston (UCB), followed by her role as Strategic Development Officer at Triangle in Malden. Sandra is now back at UCB as the Director of Special Projects. She has developed multiple partnerships and comprehensive development plans resulting in the College's increased student reach and revenue. Dr. Copman is drawn to The Compliance Mentor Group and being an active member of the Advisory Board because she is highly experienced in and passionate about entrepreneurial businesses that effect positive change for students through providing them hands-on experiences that can lead to skill and career acquisition.

Dr. Copman earned her doctoral degree from Boston University in Education, Masters of Science Degree from Simmons College in Special Education, Masters of Arts Degree from Lesley College in Expressive Arts Therapy, and Bachelors of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and Classics from the University of New Hampshire, Durham.